" Riding the art of keeping a horse between you and the ground"

It is said that Horseback riding is a leisure activity, a sport and a lifelong hobby for riders of all ages. Whether one choses to enter the world of competition or simply enjoy a day in the country side on horseback, it will give you a lifetime pleasure.

BHRS was born out of the desire to provide affordable riding sessions to all age groups and people coming from different streams. BHRS was set up in the beginning of 2014 by Navneeth a passionate Equestrian.Unlike many sports, horseback riding does not demand athletic aptitude or single minded dedication, nor is it necessary to have learn to ride when as a child in order to be a good horseman or horsewoman in later life. Riding is an activity in which the learning process never stops. From the day you first mount on a horse to the day you hang your riding boots, you will always find that you are discovering new things, new aspects of riding technique.
BHRS trains our students in horsemanship skills. We also offer help the students to procure Horses/Ponies of different breeds from different countries for all age groups.
We also procure the right Horse/Pony equipments, accessories and tools for students taking at BHRS. We also render services for our students in leasing the Horses/Ponies for riding and to participate in equestrian competition. We have also ready stalls available in our stable for stationing Horses/ Ponies.
There are many advantages of Horseback riding and it is a very nice way to connect with one of Nature’s finest animal. We at BHRS have personally got the following feedback from many parents of our riders:

  • An all over postive change has been observed
  • Aggression level in an otherwise aggressive child has gone done many notches
  • An increase in compassion towards all animals
  • An introvert, quiet child has become more forth coming
  • An increase in confidence level
  • An increase in appetite
  • Weight loss in an obese child
  • Being more observant and alert
  • Healthier and raring to be outdoors
  • Developed reflexes

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BHRS Safari makes it to New Indian Express Paper >>>

BHRS 60 Kms Horseback safari makes NEWS in the New Indian Express paper. BHRS organized a 60 kms Horseback safari begining at 6 AM from its stables to Rajunkunta, Mariasandra. One way ride lasted about 2.5 hours through Ashpalted Roads, Agriculture farm lands, mud roads, tank bunds, rural landscapes. Breakfast and lunch was organized, the riders returned at 6 PM. A ground support team accompanied the riders

Therapeutic horseback riding >>>

The use of horseback riding assisted activities in order to achieve goals that enhance physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral and educational skills for people with disabilities

An hour of horse riding burns up to 650 calories! >>>

Health benefits of Horseback riding

Benefits of horse riding! >>>